Kelli Underwood

Discovering Your Inner Resources Audio & Transcripts

Downloadable audio files (.m4a) of the foundational resources for Transformative Insight Imagery experiential workshops. The resources you discover internally can be used in your everyday life in endless ways, such as to strengthen your coping skills, be more grounded, improve your sleep, or decrease anxiety. Included in this download are Finding your Center, Visiting Your Brains, Balancing your Brains, Free Brain Travel, Meeting A Wise Guide/ Mentor, the Energy Flow and Meeting Your Essential Self.  Each track has an explanatory introduction. This requires your full attention and should not be listened to while operating machinery.The audio tracks and transcripts of Discovering Your Inner Resources include all of the supportive resources we discover and strengthen in Transformative Insight Imagery. Healing practitioners can play the audio for clients or use the transcripts to support facilitating clients, while imagers can listen to the tracks or read them. 

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Discovering Your Inner Resources Audio & Transcripts

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