What is Transformative Insight Imagery®?

Transformative Insight Imagery,® is a healing technique that empowers the person imaging to trust their own experiences, resources and answers.     In Transformative Insight Imagery,®   every image comes from imager's own mind, unlike guided imagery.  Imaging is something we naturally do, Many professions rely on guided imagery, such as sports, physical therapy, art, theater, yoga, tai chi, to name a few.  In Transformative Insight Imagery®   In Transformative Insight Imagery®  we begin our by discovering and strengthening a variety of internal resources, or supports. Imagers  connect to their images with all five senses and recognize the positive impact the resources create.  Each imager discovers their own internal center, a place for replenishing and relaxing, and then learns how and when to connect to their center for support to shift everyday moments.  Each resource an imager discovers builds different types of supports, such as wisdom, comfort, relaxation, balance, and strength that they carry within them and can access anytime. T.I.I. is actually bridging our conscious mind with unconscious aspects of our mind, as if  dreaming while you are awake, allowing an imager to access material that is often not readily available.   

Once we have several powerful resources to support us,  we are ready to for a deeper dive into  Transformative Insight Imagery's®   8 step process for deeper healing, where we have access to lived past events, unconscious material, our creative mind and our analytical mind.  Imagers who are co- facilitated through the 8 step process experience, release, and transform stuck emotions,  blocking beliefs, or distressing events that have limited mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wholeness.  Experiencing the 8 step process of T.I.I. creates enormous positive ripple affects into  current life.

T.I.I. is a versatile, powerful, transferable tool that will propel your professional and personal growth.  Through Transformative Insight Imagery®,   The process of doing T.I.I. empowers imagers that they have an abundance of trusted resources to face their fears and transform into their “best self.” 

Participants consistently leave these workshops in awe of how transformative the work is and how immediately they can integrate it into their life.

Online and in person Transformative Insight Imagery® workshops available!

Two Tracks of Training

Transformative Insight Imagery® is a versatile, powerful, transferable tool that will expand and supplement your other techniques in exciting and creative ways. Participants consistently leave the all day workshops amazed and in awe of how transformative the work is and how immediately useful it is. “Worth every dollar,” “fantastic,” and “I can’t wait for the next workshop!” are frequent comments.

Two tracks of T.I.I. trainings are offered, trainings for those who provide healing to others and retreats for healing for yourself. The trainings for healers/caregivers will focus more on developing co-facilitation skills for integrating TII professionally, while the healing retreats will focus on experiencing deep healing as an imager and integrating healing into current life. All T.I.I. trainings and retreats are experiential in nature, as we believe “learning by doing” expands our capacities.

Benefits of T.I.I.:

  • Decrease stress and anxiety by using resources.
  • New insights about yourself.
  • Enhanced  self- trust
  • Increased body awareness
  • Greater connection between mind, body & emotions
  • Use T.I.I. resources independently and immediately for creating remarkable shifts in your current life.
  • Regulate emotions more effectively 
  • Heal traumatic experiences, blocking beliefs, and fears.

Ready to experience Transformative Insight Imagery?

Discover a wealth of internal resources for creating immediate and powerful shifts in your life!

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