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Transformative Insight Imagery: Intro Online Course

Transformative Insight Imagery Online Course

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, or anxious? If you long for creative, effective and powerful tools to shift any moment immediately, T.I.I. is your answer! If you prefer to work privately and at your own pace, this recorded T.I.I. Introductory Course is perfect for you!

This is not another online class, this is you experiencing T.I.I. and learning HOW to use it in your life NOW. 

Whether you are seeking support for yourself, or are a professional who supports others, open up to finding that precise supportive resources you need! Attendees will strengthen these resources by imaging current situations and practicing accessing their resources, knowing HOW to integrate them into life immediately, relieving stress, anxiety, and uncertainty instantaneously! 

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In Transformative Insight Imagery, step one is discovering your resources and gaining confidence in supporting yourself with your resources.  The next step is journey into deeper transformation with your trusted resources beside you, through T.I.I.'s 8 step process.  Once you have completed the course, you will be inspired to continue on one of the paths below:

Two Paths

What to Expect:

The T.I.I. Introductory Course consists of 4 lessons that you can watch at your own pace. A printable journal or  worksheet is provided for each lesson. You will need a comfortable, private space with minimal distractions for your Transformative Insight Imagery experience. Discovering your personal inner resources is a fun and creative experience!

Benefits of T.I.I.:

  • You experience exactly what is supportive to YOU, not someone telling you what is supportive.
  • Gain new insight and awareness about yourself.
  • The process of doing T.I.I. facilitates listening and trusting yourself!
  • Use T.I.I. resources independently and immediately for creating remarkable shifts in your current life.
  • Use T.I.I. resources to regulate your emotions more effectively. 

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who desires tools that can implement successfully and immediately into their life.
  • Anyone seeking self improvement, self awareness, and healing.
  • Anyone 18 and older for attending the group experiences.

Who is it NOT for?

If you have experienced delusions, hallucinations or significant dissociative disorders, Transformative Insight and Imagery may not be a good fit for you.

Count me in! I am ready to:

✔️ Discover amazing and powerful resources.

✔️ Connect to support and wisdom anytime I need it.

✔️ Experience relaxation and calm and practice visiting my relaxing place.

✔️ Feel empowered to effectively shift myself.

Sign up now and begin when it is convenient for you! 

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Transformative Insight Imagery Online Course

Transformative Insight Imagery: Intro Online Course

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