Kelli Underwood is an agent for change! She integrates her effective and dynamic teaching skills into her speaking, consulting and psychotherapy practice.  

Kelli received a Master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University in 1996. She worked as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor at the Center for Contextual Change in Chicago, a nationally renowned trauma treatment center, for fifteen years.

At the C.C.C., she served as the Director of Child and Family Programs, supervised clinicians, consulted with area residential facilities, agencies, and schools and provided numerous trainings in her areas of expertise.

Kelli was a respected adjunct faculty member of the University of Chicago’s Master’s in Social Work program for seven years. Students often referred to Ms. Underwood’s classes as “transformative.”


In 2013, Kelli moved to Durham, North Carolina and launched her own business, To Be Aligned. Today, she has a thriving psychotherapy practice and continues to train and consult with school districts, counselors, agencies, companies.

Kelli has been training therapists in Transformative Insight Imagery© (T.I.I.) since 2000, and is the sole owner of Transformative Insight Imagery. In all facets of her business, Kelli embraces diversity and is a passionate ally to all who experience discrimination and prejudice.  

Kelli grew up in a small midwestern town, followed by fifteen years in the windy city of Chicago, and has now landed in a happy medium town of Durham, NC with a preferred warmer climate.

Growing up, Kelli enjoyed sports and was a two sport collegiate athlete. She loves nature, animals and being outdoors. On her time off, she is often soaking up time with family and friends, hiking, biking, cooking or gardening,  

Kelli believes that rising, evolving and transforming is a lifelong adventure. She has weathered her own journey towards greater health, healing and wholeness. She is passionate about practicing her own self-care and striking a healthy work-life balance, while she teaches others how to do the same.


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