Does your organization, business, school, team, or group need motivational help in the areas of self improvement, health and wellness, healing from trauma, restorative justice circle healing, helping children with concerning behaviors, or help becoming more emotionally regulated? 

Kelli will customize a package to meet your needs. Whether you have a small or large group, Kelli is able to provide exciting ideas, skills, and a plan for making the changes you desire. You will learn HOW to make the changes for yourself or your business.

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Types Of Training

Wellness Trainings

Compassion Fatigue: Professionals who provide care to others often suffer from compassion fatigue.  In this energizing and interactive training participants assess their symptoms and create a treatment plan that incorporates numerous simple, effective tools.  

Strength and Endurance for Life: In this invigorating training, participants learn the four fundamentals for sustainable energy and practice simple energy boosters, cognitive strategies, body resources, decompression strategies, and more for developing a personal wellness plan.

Trauma Trainings 

For over twenty years, Kelli has specialized in trauma in her psychotherapy practice, her trainings, and consultations. She is passionate about facilitating audiences to recognize, respond, and effectively support clients or loved ones who have experienced a traumatic event. 

Kelli creates customized trainings for mental health providers, medical providers, and body workers to advance their skills in assessing and treating children, teens or adult clients who have experienced traumatic events like sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, neglect, accidents/injuries/illnesses/surgeries, and natural disasters. 

Schools can become trauma sensitive, enhancing academic performance and decreasing concerning behaviors with Kelli's trauma training series. 

Trauma trainings for parents and child care providers offers an operationalized understanding of trauma and  practical strategies for supporting traumatized children.   

Restorative Justice Circle Trainings

Circles are a type of restorative justice intervention that are becoming increasingly popular in schools, courts, and organizations. Trained by renowned teacher, Kay Pranis, in Peace Making Circles, Kelli facilitates community building circles, healing circles, dialogue circles, problem solving circles, and social emotional skill building circles.

Circle processes originated from ancient, indigenous tribes and are shaped by the modern ways of the world.  Circles create a space of deep listening, respect, and are an equal opportunity for speaking. In our circles, shared values and agreements are established and thoughtful questions are crafted to take the members deeper into their shared purpose.   

Kelli facilitates transformative circles for schools, businesses, teams, communities, students and families. She provides regular trainings for people to become skilled circle keepers and facilitate circles themselves.

Other Trainings

Centering Yourself and Others:  Participants learn simple somatic tools for slowing down or speeding up, depending on your physical, mental and emotional state in the moment. School personnel, healing practitioners, and parents  learn and practice how to employ these effective techniques into work or home.    

Responding to Youth with Challenging Behaviors: Kelli trains child care providers, schools, foster parents/parents to take care of themselves and respond effectively to kids with behave in challenging ways.    

Concerning Sexual Behaviors:  Understanding when children's' sexual behaviors are concerning or problematic is important for parents, child care providers, schools, and counselors. Learn the full continuum of healthy to problematic sexual behaviors for very young children through adolescence and how to assess, respond, and intervene in helpful ways.

Team-Building Experiences

Are you concerned about your workplace or employees? Is the office culture getting in the way of productivity? How much do you value increased productivity? A positive working environment creates happier, healthier employees and increases productivity.

Kelli’s energy, enthusiasm and humor are contagious. She facilitates a safe atmosphere where people can experience co-workers in new ways and foster alliances. She can lift morale and strengthen your team by building on their strengths, all while having fun.

As a consultant for positive change, Kelli can bring your organization or company back into alignment with its mission statement. She will provide fresh, operational ideas and support your organization through successful integration of the changes.

A motivational TEACHER who is an expert in change, Kelli can creatively facilitate your unique plan. Individuals and organizations can align to their goals and learn how to create sustainable change.

Staff Retreats

If your employees need a day together to address specific objectives, Kelli will collaboratively create the retreat you desire that ignites the action plan you need. Kelli is experienced in creating a context where individual employees can honestly self reflect on their contributions to the challenges and collaborate on innovative ways to change the culture. Your employees will enjoy their highly productive day with Kelli.

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is one of the most popular trainers we bring to train our staff serving survivors of sexual assault in Illinois. Participants love Kelli’s presentations and how much they learn. She receives consistently high scores on evaluations and is frequently requested. Kelli is passionately devoted to meeting the needs of the those she trains, going above and beyond to support their journey to become competent and confident in serving survivors of sexual assault. Kelli is a tremendous asset to our Training Institute!”

    Training Director, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli was extremely engaging and inspirational. Her contagious smile, interesting and entertaining group exercises, and captivating presence motivated and encouraged us to form into a better team. I only wish Kelli could have spent the entire day with us.”

    Charles Schwab Performance Technologies

  • Kelli Underwood

    “As individuals and collectively our business has flourished through Kelli’s innovative personal development and team building techniques.”

    International Marketing Director for Serenigy

  • Kelli Underwood

    “TII is magic. More than once, I've come to Kelli in a state of anxiety, feeling ready to crawl out of my skin. As we begin to walk through imaging, the inner voice in my head always pops up in a critical voice to tell me that there’s no way to get out of these feelings and that it’s futile to try. And yet, each time, I feel myself relaxing deeper and deeper as the imaging continues. All of my senses are involved and I’m creating the images somewhere deep inside my brain and the sensations flow throughout my body. I have found safety, calm, quiet, resilience, confidence, and a deeper inner knowing of my own power through this work. For me, my anxiety has a huge physical component and TII has helped me calm my entire nervous system to where my whole body responds and relaxes. It feels like a miracle and to know that I can harness this power anytime I want, at any moment, seems like an unfathomable gift. I recommend to TII to literally everyone. We all need this level of safety and healing in our own bodies.”

    Clarity Director, Masters in Clarity

  • Kelli Underwood

    “T.I.I. was such a refreshing experience! I love being able to tap back in whenever I am feeling stressed. ”

    CEO, Mkokopelli

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli does a great job of framing powerful motivational quotes in a way that translates into a plan of action for an organization.”

    Charles Schwab Performance Technologies C

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is a dynamic speaker.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is the best presenter we’ve ever had!”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is entertaining, energetic, and personable.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli provides practical and helpful strategies.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli has great ideas and information I could apply immediately.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli left me with a wealth of knowledge and great tools.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “I loved Kelli! She held my attention all day!”

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