You want to be happier and healthier. You want to have more energy and focus. You want to find more meaning and fulfillment in your life. You have read and listened to others and have felt motivated—maybe even inspired—but then… you slip back into your routine and bad habits. You just don’t know how to do things differently. You are getting in your own way, but you don’t know why!!

If you are nodding in agreement right now, Kelli is your speaker! Rather than just gaining catchy phrases and wowing insights, Kelli will inspire you and teach you how to change

Kelli’s speaking events will leave you with concrete, transformative tools for doing your life differently and you will learn how to apply these tools in real life situations! This is no ordinary inspirational speaking, This is an experience.

Kelli’s charisma, teaching skills, and expertise in change, make her a unique and winning combination. For years, she has conducted clinical trainings on a variety of topics to healthcare professionals, educators, students and parents (see Clinical Trainings). Kelli inspires awakening and teaches people how to create the change they desire. She is passionate about teaching people how to be aligned to their best self. She wants each audience member to leave with concrete tools for achieving their goals. Participants  have described her as “energetic”, “personable, and professional,” leaving them with “great tools” and a “wealth of knowledge”

Speaking Topics

The Change Monkeys

Why do we sabotage the very changes we so deeply desire? Why are we sometimes successful at a change and other times we cannot make a change stick? Meet your encouraging monkey and your sabotaging monkey who are perpetually in conflict. Gain a new approach and awareness to changing, so you can begin taming your sabotaging monkey and successfully create the changes you desire! 


Be the Rechargeable Battery You Envy

You’ll learn the principles and skills for managing your energy and reducing your stress level. Improve your daily endurance and have more sustainable energy. You will identify your personal stressors and symptoms of fatigue and stress and create your own energy plan! You’ll leave this workshop knowing what you need to do to be happier and healthier.

                               Internal GPS:

     Getting YOUR Directions for YOUR Life

Where are you going? What are you doing with your life? This is a workshop for tuning in to your own voice and listening for your right answers. Discover your heart’s desire, identify your resources for your journey, and open up to the possibilities of how to get there. You will experience your own GPS’s voice and learn how to stay on course!


What people are saying about Kelli:

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli was extremely engaging and inspirational. Her contagious smile, interesting and entertaining group exercises, and captivating presence motivated and encouraged us to form into a better team. I only wish Kelli could have spent the entire day with us.”

    Charles Schwab Performance Technologies

  • Kelli Underwood

    “As individuals and collectively our business has flourished through Kelli’s innovative personal development and team building techniques.”

    International Marketing Director for Serenigy

  • Kelli Underwood

    “TII is magic. More than once, I've come to Kelli in a state of anxiety, feeling ready to crawl out of my skin. As we begin to walk through imaging, the inner voice in my head always pops up in a critical voice to tell me that there’s no way to get out of these feelings and that it’s futile to try. And yet, each time, I feel myself relaxing deeper and deeper as the imaging continues. All of my senses are involved and I’m creating the images somewhere deep inside my brain and the sensations flow throughout my body. I have found safety, calm, quiet, resilience, confidence, and a deeper inner knowing of my own power through this work. For me, my anxiety has a huge physical component and TII has helped me calm my entire nervous system to where my whole body responds and relaxes. It feels like a miracle and to know that I can harness this power anytime I want, at any moment, seems like an unfathomable gift. I recommend to TII to literally everyone. We all need this level of safety and healing in our own bodies.”

    Clarity Director, Masters in Clarity

  • Kelli Underwood

    “T.I.I. was such a refreshing experience! I love being able to tap back in whenever I am feeling stressed. ”

    CEO, Mkokopelli

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli does a great job of framing powerful motivational quotes in a way that translates into a plan of action for an organization.”

    Charles Schwab Performance Technologies C

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is a dynamic speaker.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is the best presenter we’ve ever had!”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli is entertaining, energetic, and personable.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli provides practical and helpful strategies.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli has great ideas and information I could apply immediately.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “Kelli left me with a wealth of knowledge and great tools.”

  • Kelli Underwood

    “I loved Kelli! She held my attention all day!”

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