Transformative Insight Imagery Online Course

Transformative Insight Imagery *Pre-recorded*

Online Introduction

Can't make it to one of our live Online Introductions? We have now a pre-recorded Online Introduction course, broken down into 4 lessons for you to go at your own pace. 

This is not another online class, this is you experiencing T.I.I. and learning HOW to use it in your life now. Whether you are seeking support for yourself or you want to support others, in this introduction, you will understand what Transformative Insight Imagery is by experiencing it and practicing ways to incorporate it into everyday rituals.

Attendees will strengthen these resources by imaging current situations and practicing accessing their resources, knowing HOW to integrate them into life immediately, relieving stress, anxiety, and uncertainty instantaneously! 

Once you have completed the course, you will be inspired, resourced, and ready for more transformation for one of the paths below:

Two Paths

What to Expect

The course is broken into 4 lessons that you can watch at your own pace. You will be provided with a printable journal or online worksheets to access during and after each lesson. You will need a comfortable space with some privacy for your Transformative Insight Imagery experience. Discovering your personal inner resources is a fun and creative experience!

Open to anyone over the age of 18

No CE's offered

Cost $40

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Discovering Your Inner Resources with Transformative Insight Imagery© Audio & Scripts

TII Image 2020Transformative Insight Imagery® is an extremely versatile, safe, empowering and profound experience. All images come from the imager, so every imager will have their own personal experience.   We begin by discovering a wealth of resources and learning how to connect to our resources to create immediate and powerful shifts in our minds, bodies and emotions while learning to trust that we have our own answers within us.  Trusting our resources is the first essential step, prior to journeying more deeply into a full T.I.I. adventure.   

These audio tracks contain all the inner resources that any T.I.I. retreat or training begins with. Trusting our resources is the first essential step, prior to journeying more deeply into a full T.I.I. adventure. Another great option for beginning your journey with T.I.I., is the free online course!

Both the audio tracks and the transcripts of the audio tracks of Discovering Your Inner Resources can be added  for healing practitioners who want to practice co-facilitating their clients, or for imagers who prefer reading vs listening to the experiences.  Practicing T.I.I. with a live person and a group of imagers can be easier and even more powerful, so join us! 

Includes 8 Imagery Processes for Discovering Your Internal Resources!

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Chart of Body Tools for Regulation

This chart is an abbreviated summary of a variety of body centered tools for regulation. These tools will support your brain and body to accelerate, slow down, discharge and release. These simple and effective tools creates shifts in your brain and body so you can settle and refocus, navigating the moment more successfully. The chart describes each tool's purpose, how to use it and cites its origin.  

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What people are saying about Kelli:

  • Kelli Underwood

    Transformative Insight Imagery has opened the door for a whole new way of helping and relating to my clients. Exploring past trauma can be overwhelming but with TII you collaborate together in a gentle way that helps to hold the past differently and doesn’t re-traumatize.

    I use it on it’s own or layered in with other modalities with each client.

    Body Centered Healing Practitioner

  • Kelli Underwood

    Cofacilitating T.I.I. allows clients to identify and grow their resources and install deeper confidence in utilizing those resources in times of distress between sessions. As a trauma therapist, T.I.I.’s 8 step journey has been an incredible opportunity to witness clients deeper healing process.


  • Kelli Underwood

    TII has been a powerful tool to help clients access their deeper, wiser selves more quickly and to build internal resources each session. It empowers clients to shift the way they are holding “energy “ and to transform it to something that is healing and immediately useful in their lives! T.I.I.’s intuitive 8 step process has promoted healing and lasting growth in so many ways. I love this work and highly recommend it. I love this work and highly recommend it!

    M.Ed., LCMHC, NCC

  • Kelli Underwood

    Kelli is a dynamic speaker.

  • Kelli Underwood

    Kelli is the best presenter we’ve ever had!

  • Kelli Underwood

    Kelli is entertaining, energetic, and personable.

  • Kelli Underwood

    Kelli provides practical and helpful strategies.

  • Kelli Underwood

    Kelli has great ideas and information I could apply immediately.

  • Kelli Underwood

    Kelli left me with a wealth of knowledge and great tools.

  • Kelli Underwood

    I loved Kelli! She held my attention all day!

  • Kelli Underwood

    TII is magic. More than once, I've come to Kelli in a state of anxiety, feeling ready to crawl out of my skin. As we begin to walk through imaging, the inner voice in my head always pops up in a critical voice to tell me that there’s no way to get out of these feelings and that it’s futile to try. And yet, each time, I feel myself relaxing deeper and deeper as the imaging continues. All of my senses are involved and I’m creating the images somewhere deep inside my brain and the sensations flow throughout my body. I have found safety, calm, quiet, resilience, confidence, and a deeper inner knowing of my own power through this work. For me, my anxiety has a huge physical component and TII has helped me calm my entire nervous system to where my whole body responds and relaxes. It feels like a miracle and to know that I can harness this power anytime I want, at any moment, seems like an unfathomable gift. I recommend to TII to literally everyone. We all need this level of safety and healing in our own bodies.

  • Kelli Underwood

    It was such a refreshing experience! I love being able to tap back in whenever I am feeling stressed.