Transformative Insight Imagery - For Professional Healers

What is Transformative Insight Imagery?

Transformative Insight Imagery is a versatile, powerful, holistic technique that will propel your professional and personal growth. T.I.I. is has both stabilizing and transformative processes, is for children through adults, and empowers imagers that they have an abundance of trusted resources to face their fears and transform into their “best self.” 

In Transformative Insight Imagery every image comes from imager's own mind, unlike guided imagery.   In Transformative Insight Imagery we begin our by discovering and strengthening a variety of internal resources, or supports. Imagers practicing accessing their resources and shifting any moment in current life. 

Once we have several powerful resources to support us, we are ready to for a deeper dive into Transformative Insight Imagery's 8 step process for transformation. Imagers experience, releasing stuck beliefs and emotions, transforming distressing events and integrating new insights into the present. Professional healers will learn how to introduce T.I.I., how to deepen the imager’s experience, and how integrative T.I.I. with many approaches to healing and wellness.

Who is this track for?

This experience is for counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, play therapists, art therapists, body workers, and energy healers who are seeking a creative, versatile and powerful technique that provides stabilization and transformation for clients.

You will gain confidence in co-facilitating clients to discover their inner resources for greater emotional regulation, calming, clarity, and learning to trust their own wisdom.  You can then build mastery in co-facilitating clients into deeper journeys of healing and transforming through the 8 step process in T.I.I.

Once you have completed the T.I.I. Online Introduction, you will be able to dive deeper into T.I.I. Level 1 Beginner, Level 2 Intermediate, Level 3 Advanced, plus continue practicing with Kelli in One-On-One Coaching, Healing Retreats, and FREE monthly Coffee with Kelli practice sessions. 

***Practitioners must complete trainings in the order listed below.


Transformative Insight Imagery (T.I.I.) Live Online Introduction

This is not another online class, this is you experiencing T.I.I. and learning HOW to use it in your life now. Whether you are seeking support for yourself or you want to support others, in this introduction, you will understand what Transformative Insight Imagery is by experiencing it and practicing ways to incorporate it into everyday rituals.

2 hours online, open to anyone

No CE's offered

Cost $40

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Transformative Insight Imagery Online Course

Transformative Insight Imagery

*Pre-recorded* Online Introduction

Can't make it to one of our live Online Introductions? We have now a pre-recorded Online Introduction course, broken down into 4 lessons for you to go at your own pace. 

This is not another online class, this is you experiencing T.I.I. and learning HOW to use it in your life now. Whether you are seeking support for yourself or you want to support others, in this introduction, you will understand what Transformative Insight Imagery is by experiencing it and practicing ways to incorporate it into everyday rituals.

Attendees will strengthen these resources by imaging current situations and practicing accessing their resources, knowing HOW to integrate them into life immediately, relieving stress, anxiety, and uncertainty instantaneously! 

Once you have completed the course, you will be inspired, resourced, and ready for more transformation for one of the paths below:

Two Paths

What to Expect

The course is broken into 4 lessons that you can watch at your own pace. You will be provided with a printable journal or online worksheets to access during and after each lesson. You will need a comfortable space with some privacy for your Transformative Insight Imagery experience. Discovering your personal inner resources is a fun and creative experience!

Open to anyone over the age of 18

No CE's offered

Cost $40

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T.I.I. Level 1 Beginner

You will discover additional internal resources, strengthen existing resources, and experience co-facilitating deeper journeys with T.I.I.’s 8 step protocol. The full process facilitates insight and embodied healing from blocking beliefs, distressing or traumatic experiences, and physical complaints. In T.I.I. you will leave this training being able to immediately integrate T.I.I. resourcing into your professional work.

10 a.m.-6:30 p.m. EST 

with a 1 hour lunch

Early bird cost- $139, regular fee $159

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Level 2 Intermediate:

Strengthening Co-Facilitation Skills

In this two day training, participants will enhance their co-facilitation competencies, for resourcing and for the 8 step-process. Participants experience all T.I.I. staging areas for initiating a full process and gain confidence in introducing T.I.I. to clients in creative ways. 

Two days online.

Cost $279

*Under review* CE’s 

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T.I.I. Level 3 Advanced 

In this advanced training, participants become empowered to integrate Transformative Insight Imagery into a wide variety of healing modalities, from direct touch treatments, energy healing, trauma treatments, wellness approaches, art therapies, play therapy, and talk therapy.  Techniques. Participants further strengthen their competencies in how to introduce and integrate T.I.I. into their work.   

Two days online and in person.

Cost $279

*Under review* CE’s  

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 Consult Group for Professional Healers

If you want to elevate your effectiveness with your clients, join our Transformative Insight Imagery Group Consultation! Embrace the creative and versatile ways to integrate T.I.I. into your work; witness the power of TII to empower your clients; grow your client’s embodied self- awareness; enhance their capacity to resource themselves; and shift where they are blocked, stuck, fearful, or uncertain through T.I.I.’s 8 step process. Group meetings will offer live demonstrations, practice sessions, Q & A, and case consultations with Kelli. SAVE $25 with our package!

Cost $250

10 a.m. EST/ 9 a.m. Central/ 7 a.m. PST

March 10, April 21, May 12, June 9 2023

Early Bird Pricing $225 (Until Feb. 28)

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Apply for a scholarship

Transformative Insight Imagery Scholarship Forms For Professional Healers

Scholarships are offered in tribute to the life and career of Dr. Charlotte Smith, creator of Transformative Insight Imagery.  Charlotte was a loving, truthful, kind, wise, therapist, teacher, friend and mentor to many. Everyone who met her, was deeply moved by her unconditional love and acceptance and her awakened consciousness. In Charlotte’s final years, she wished for T.I.I. to go out to the world and was sensitive to T.I.I. reaching marginalized individuals and groups. To continue Charlotte’s legacy, we are seeking healing practitioners who are passionate about T.I.I., intend to touch lives by introducing T.I.I., and demonstrate financial hardship that prevent them from attending the trainings otherwise. 

Send an email to with the subject, “T.I.I. Scholarship Application” and include: 

  1. Your letter of intention. Please include in your letter:
  • Your degree, licensure, years of experience. 
  • Your motivation for attending the Transformative Insight Imagery trainings.
  • How you will use T.I.I.
  • Your vision of how you will introduce T.I.I. to individuals, groups or communities who experience oppression or discrimination.
  1. Scan and email your most recently signed copy of tax returns.
  2. Submit two professional reference letters. Please identify two people (not a spouse/partner or close relative) to provide an accurate assessment of your readiness for T.I.I.

Please have your references answer the following questions:

  • How long and to what capacity have you known this applicant?
  • How would you gauge the applicant’s capacity for commitment to 3 levels of training? 
  • Provide an example of how the healing approach to serving the needs of others.



Join the T.I.I. community to stay skilled and connected! Memberships are available  after completing Beginner 1 training. 


12 month commitment, get two months free, cost $500, 

 6 month commitment, get one month free!  Cost $250

Pay monthly, cost $50 (3 month minimum required)

Membership to the  T.I.I. Healing Others Community includes:

  • Monthly group consultation on the first Friday of each month at 10am EST, 9am CST. In case you're unable to attend, each group will be recorded and you'll receive a link via email after to view.
  • 20% off coupons for two individual T.I.I. coaching sessions with Kelli
  • Access to our closed Facebook group, to connect with other TII Healing Others Community Members and receive monthly tips from Kelli
  • Monthly tips and tools from Kelli
  • Access to our membership library (worksheets, tips, videos)

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