Clinical Supervision

Kelli is a seasoned supervisor, with over 20 years of experience. Kelli will support you growing your confidence clinically, expanding your menu of options with interventions, while developing a trauma informed lens for client care.

If you desire to:

  • Enhance your confidence clinically
  • Become more trauma informed
  • Understand the importance of polyvagal theory in emotional regulation and overall health
  • Value the relationship you foster with clients as integral to their healing

What you will receive?

  • Concrete strategies and tools
  • Body centered tools for regulation
  • Attachment and strengths focused approach
  • An organizational, change model for your clinical work with clients. 
  • Get unstuck with clients with creative, refreshing approaches.
  • Discounted trainings with Kelli on Transformative Insight Imagery, trauma and more!
  • Managing your own triggers with clients
  • Navigate challenging ethical dilemmas

If this aligns for you, Kelli is a match for you!

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Kelli Underwood

“Kelli quickly grasps what is going on, and gives a variety of concrete ideas and interventions for all ages, individuals, couples, and families, with just a little background information. She has expertise in many different approaches, so she’s able to give ideas useful for diverse clients, such as clients that do better with more cognitive approaches, somatic, imagery, parts work, etc., aligning her suggestions to what is best suited to each client. She is directed and intentional, always asking what I want from our time. Kelli always checks-in with me personally about how I'm doing with my self-care, which supports my best clinical work. I always leave feeling like I got what I needed! ”


Clinical Case Consultations

Kelli creates a safe context that fosters clinical and personal growth. She offers innovative treatment strategies and expands clinicians’ competencies and self-awareness. She encourages therapist’s self care and addresses counter-transference. She facilitates engaging and participatory case consultations. She will educate therapists on the current evidence based practices and provide training resources. Kelli has provided individual and group supervision for clinicians wishing to strengthen their clinical skills, think systemically and collaboratively, and expand their creative and effective interventions.


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